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2006 Parator CV 18-20 Refrigerated box

EUR 7 500

2006 Parator CV 18-20 Refrigerated trailer with openable side

-Y.O.M 2006
-Inspected until 2022-09-30
-Thermoking SL-400e
-openable sides on box
-Tires see pictures

Measure and weights

-Length 14850mm
-Width 2600mm
-Full height
-Length of cargo space 12500mm
-Rear suspension 2020mm
-Max load weight 22950kg
-Allowed weight 22950kg
-Net weight 13050kg

-Max axle distance 1-2 1340mm
-Max axle distance  2-3 6590mm
-Max axle distance  3-4 1820mm

The trailer was used in daily use until approx. 2022-01-01
Ready for delivery!