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1996 Parator STI 17-24 Tipptrailer

EUR 7 800
1996 Parator STI 17-24 Dump trailer

Manufacturer: Parator
Model: STI 17-24
Year model: 1996
Inspection status: Uninspected
Last approved inspection: 2019-10-23
Reason for driving ban: Missed control inspection

Dimensions and weights:
Length:  10400mm
Width: 2600mm
Front overhang: etc
Rear overhang: -850mm
Coupling distance: 9100mm

Curb weight:  9440kg
Total weight:  41000kg
Max load weight:  31560kg
Permitted load weight: 14560kg
Tax weight: 24000kg

1-2:  1350mm
2-3:  1350mm

Works done:
The tipping piston has been replaced, the owner is not sure how many years ago

Cable to tip stop disconnected
The trailer has been sitting still for a few years, needs a proper review
Everything worked the last time it was used according to the owner
General play and leakage given the age is present