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1999 Volvo FM10 360 Tipp och kranbil

EUR 15 600
1999 Volvo FM10 360 Tipper and crane truck
Manufacturer:  Volvo
Model: FM10 360
Year model: 1999
Mileage: 487408km at time of photography
Inspection status: Uninspected
Reason for driving ban: Expired injunction, see notes below
Power: 265 kW
Euro classification: MK3
Transmission:  Manual
Suspension: Steel/Steel
Tank volume: 310 liters

Led reverse light
Rotella on the roof
Three-way tip 
Extension brackets are available
HIAB 220-5 Crane
5 hydraulic extensions and one manual
Remote control crane and outriggers
Hydraulics out to the crane tip
Fastener coupling outside on crane

Works done:
Crane remote box new 2 years ago
Air tanks replaced in 2022
Transmitter and receiver for the crane changed 2 years ago
new batteries in autumn
New batteries for the remote box
New battery charger for the crane remote box 2 years ago

General play and leakage given the age
Inspection notes, see below

Inspection notes 2020-11-03:
Spindle pin shaft 1 left, loose
Service brake wheel brake, axle 1 left, braking effect pulsating
Hydraulic system axle 3, leakage
Eg-reflex left is missing
Service brake brake pads, axle 2 right, worn
Low beam headlight, right, setting too low
Tires, one pc, tread depth too small

Dimensions and weights:

Length: 8600mm
Width: 2580mm
Rear overhang: 1390mm
Coupling distance: 6610mm

Operating weight: 14850kg
Total weight: 29600kg
Max load weight: 14750kg
Permitted load weight: kg
Tax weight: 25000kg

1-2: 4300mm
2-3: 1370mm