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2011 HRD S PLB 4N Jumbo trailer

EUR 34 800

2011 HRD S PLB 4N Jumbo trailer

Manufacturer: HRD
Model: S PLB 4N Jumbo trailer
Year model: 2011
Inspection status: Not inspected as it has not been used
Suspension: Air

Removable Side Sleeves
Hydraulic ramps
LED work lighting
NATO outlet
Stake hole
Post hole
1st axle liftable
3rd axis co-steering
4th axis co-steering

A few planks are missing from the floor
Brakes should be exercised before inspection
Individual bushings should be replaced before inspection

Dimensions and weights:
Length: 17950 mm
Width: 2600 mm
Height: 3000 mm
Cargo space length: 17450
Rear overhang: 940 mm
Coupling distance: 16075 mm

Operating weight: 12780 kg
Total weight: 58000 kg
Max load weight: 45220 kg
Tax weight: 36000 kg

1-2: 2200 mm
2-3: 2810 mm
3-4: 2200 mm